Buying a car resembles more than just your wallet; it reflects your personality. One way to express yourself in the Abbeville streets is to customize your Ford with aesthetics that define you. Check out why New Iberia locals custom order with us.

Start Your Custom Order – It's Easy As 1,2,3

For Those Who Know What They Want

Although we have a massive, diverse fleet on our lot for our Youngsville and Maurice locals, we know that some consumers may be looking for something specific. Whether it comes down to the exterior and interior colors, technology features, and build packages – we want to ensure that you get the exact Ford you're looking for.

Ordering is Easy

All you need to do is select the model you're looking for on our custom order page and select 'Start Your Custom Order'. Once you've finished building your order, one of our experienced dealership representatives will reach out to confirm details before submitting the order to Ford.

Get Ready to Take Your Ford Home

We can go over financing and leasing options for your new Ford here at Musson Patout. That way, when your custom order arrives on our lot, it's ready to go home, making it a seamless transaction and efficient exchange of goods and services.

Customize Your Ford Order Today

If you're in the Erath or Delcambre area, customize your Ford with us at Musson Patout. Our team is highly trained to help you customize and reserve your dream Ford vehicle so that you get exactly what you want to pay for. If you have any questions or concerns regarding personalizing your next purchase, be sure to reach out to one of our staff members. We're happy to help.

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